7 Up-and-Coming Jobs to Consider in California

In recent years, California has become one of the most tech heavy states. While there are plenty of tech jobs available in California, it is not the only growing industry in the state. Every few years, the California Department of Labor works alongside the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine job growth and help identify which jobs are the fastest growing in California. The last study was performed in 2014, with the estimated projections viewing job growth for the next 10 years. For workers looking to move to California, or for those who are ready for a career change within the state, a number of industries have remained viable over the years, with many of them beginning to enjoy healthy, even vigorous growth. Making adjustments to remain a viable candidate is crucial to finding a job that is going to last and allow the worker a chance to advance. Taking the time to research those industries and companies is the first best step toward obtaining a great job in the state of California. More information regarding the top up-and-coming jobs in California are covered in the subjects below:

  • Clean energy technicians
  • Landscaping
  • Web and software developers
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Nurse practitioners and home health aide jobs
  • Physical and occupational therapists
  • Statisticians

Clean Energy Technicians

Protecting the environment is very important in California, and one of the best ways to preserve the environment is instituting clean, renewable energy. In California, there are two primary sources of clean energy: solar and wind. One of the reasons clean energy technicians are in such high demand is because both large businesses as well as individual households are making the switch to renewable energy.

The main job associated with solar energy is installing solar panels. Technicians are required for occasional upkeep, but it is more common for wind turbines. In addition to technical jobs, there are also general sales positions available, especially for selling solar panels. With new regulations offering incentives for California residents to utilize alternative fuel sources, most projections indicate that this market will have some longevity.


Maintaining a house requires plenty of upkeep, which is great for any landscaping business. In particular, mason jobs are in very high demand. In terms of numbers, brick masons specifically are the most sought after, but stone and block masons still have a good chance of finding work in California. In addition, mason jobs are very apprentice friendly, making it a good choice for any jobseekers who have not already built up a resume. California is home to thousands of beautifully landscaped commercial and residential properties, making this industry a good choice.

Web and Software Developers

It should come as no surprise that both web and software developers are in high demand in California. One of the strengths of developer jobs is that developers can pick between working for a company or doing freelance work. Working with a company provides more job security, but some developers prefer the freedom that comes from doing freelance work. Both fields are highly competitive in California, which is something to take into consideration. However, there are plenty of job openings, so developers should be able to eventually find work.

Biomedical Engineers

Much of the tech focus in California has to do with software and apps, but that is not the only type of technology being produced. California produces many different medical products, which requires a biomedical engineer. In California, there are positions available for both experienced biomedical engineers, as well as entry level positions for new biomedical engineers. Many college graduates are able to find entry level jobs shortly after getting their degrees. In addition, there are many companies that will pay for biomedical engineers to continue their education once they have proven themselves to be a valuable asset to the company.

Nurse Practitioners and Home Health Aide Jobs

Health related jobs, such as a nurse practitioner, are always in high demand no matter the state. As with biomedical engineering, many graduates are able to find a job as a nurse practitioner once they graduate. Home health aides are also in very high demand in California. Because of the gorgeous weather, California is a great place to retire. Retirees mean an increase in elderly residents, many of which have medical conditions that require having a home health aide. Many of the U.S. premier teaching colleges as well as medical research institutes are in California, making the medical field one of the more lucrative in the state.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

Both physical and occupational therapists have many fantastic job opportunities in California. One of the reasons these therapists are in such high demand in California is because many athletes live in the state and their demanding profession often requires them to attend physical therapy. Physical therapists who work alongside famous clientele will earn a very steady paycheck. Even outside of famous clients, physical therapists can still make a comfortable living in California.


One of the most overlooked job fields in California is for statisticians. Because there are so many companies based in California, they need workers to process and analyze data. Statisticians can find work in a number of different fields, including engineering, healthcare and business. There is also a great deal of room for growth, depending on the level of education the statistician possesses.