Best Public Elementary Schools in California

If you are a parent, then your primary concerns are likely to be keeping your children safe and ensuring that they have the best possible education to make their lives easier and more productive. The state of California has laws allowing you to transfer your children to different school districts under certain circumstances, such as when the current school’s testing results are too low. You may also find yourself needing to move and wanting to select a new home based on the reputation of the school system nearest to it. In either case, the elementary school will serve as the educational foundation for your children, which is why finding the best public elementary school in California is a crucial decision. Below you will find a detailed list of some of the most important educational and practical concerns associated with choosing an elementary school, including information about a few of the top elementary schools in the state of California.

Examine the Academic Offerings of Each California Elementary School in Your Chosen Area

Although the state of California requires all of its elementary schools to administer certain tests and adhere to specific standards, each school has its individual academic offerings as well. For instance, some schools offer extra classes in subjects such as foreign languages, art or music. Many of the best elementary schools in California also offer afterschool tutoring and special classes for children with learning disabilities or behavioral difficulties. You must determine whether any of those academic elements are important to your family based on the specific individual needs of your children. It may seem years away, but keeping college in mind, even at this early juncture is important. Selecting an elementary school that follows a track that will prepare your child for advanced learning in the middle and high schools will be key to their academic success.

Explore the Extracurricular Offerings of Your Chosen Area’s California Elementary Schools

Many young children do not care about extracurricular activities. However, if you have children who love sports, theater, art or other activities then it is your responsibility to make sure that your chosen elementary school offers those programs. Ask your children about the clubs and activities you think would interest them. Then call or visit each California elementary school on your short list and see which schools offer the desired classes and clubs.

Decide What Elements of a California Elementary School’s Environment are Important to You

CA elementary schools with excellent academic and extracurricular programs are not automatically excellent schools. You need to also consider the environment within each school as well. How many students are in each class? What is the length of each class? Does the school provide meals for the children? All of those questions must be asked in order for you to ascertain how comfortable your children will be throughout the school day and how much attention they will receive.

It is also important for you to look into the backgrounds of the faculty members at any CA elementary school you are considering. If the school seems unable to keep the same faculty members for more than a year or two then it may be an indication of communication problems within the school system, which may trickle down to affect your children.

Decide Which Practical Needs Your California Elementary School Must Meet

The best school for your family will be one that also meets your practical needs. For example, you may require the school to be close to your home or place of employment. You may also need your chosen school to provide childcare services after classes on certain days. You must also factor the general safety level of the neighborhood where the school is located into your final decision.

Top California Elementary Schools to Consider

There are many lists available of top California elementary schools. According to the California Department of Education, 780 elementary schools received Gold Ribbon awards for academic excellence in 2016. One of the schools which won the award was Clovis Elementary School in Fresno.

Other websites and publications rank California elementary schools according to feedback and reviews from parents in combination with official school rankings. For instance, the ranking website Niche states that the top elementary school in California in 2017 based on a combination of test scores and feedback from families is Lucille M. Nixon School in the Palo Alto Unified School District. Another top school as of 2016 was Elkhorn Elementary in the Lodi Unified School District, according to an online tool called School Digger.

Making a Final California Elementary School Decision

Use the information above to come up with a short list of California elementary schools that have excellent environments and academic standings. Then take that information and use it to your advantage during visits to each school on your short list. Prepare questions for the faculty members, particularly regarding academics, extracurricular activities, disciplinary practices and how much you will be allowed to be involved in the educational process. Choose an elementary school for your children that makes you feel comfortable and provides satisfactory answers to all of your questions.