California’s Top Health Food Providers

An important part of any diet is eating healthy foods. Fortunate for California residents, there is no shortage of health food providers in the area. While it is good to have so many options available, it does come with some drawbacks. Having so many different options to choose from makes it harder to make a decision, especially since some food providers are not nearly as healthy as advertised. Many food providers see the recent health food focus as nothing more than a trend to make money, but there are still plenty of legitimate health food companies in California.

Alvarado Street Bakery

Alvarado Street Bakery has been in the health food market for over 30 years. Alvarado Street Bakery is one of the smaller health food providers in California, since it is located specifically in San Francisco but sell products to other distributors like Costco Wholesale, Safeway and Price Chopper. The bakery sells a number of sprouted and organic foods, including various breads, bagels, rolls, tortillas, granola and buns. One of their specialties is a healthy and delicious pizza bread. In addition to selling healthy baked goods, the bakery also supports organic agriculture in California. Almost half of the electricity at the Alvarado Street Bakery is provided from solar panels.

Whole Foods Market

In recent years, Whole Foods has become a recognizable name among health food providers. Whole Foods is a supermarket filled with fresh, organic products. In addition to healthy foods, the supermarket also has a large selection of vitamins. Whole Foods has a wide selection of ingredients, as well as already cooked meals available. Because it is such a large chain, there are numerous locations available all throughout California.

BJ’s Health Foods

Although it is limited to Victorville, BJ’s Health Foods is one of the largest health food supermarkets in California. The store offers a number of different organic foods and products. The supermarket also runs monthly sales, which helps take the edge off of some of the pricier health food items that are available.

Arcata Co-Op

The Arcata Co-Op is one of the smaller markets in California, since it primarily specializes in selling ingredients in bulk. There are over 400 different bins of natural healthy ingredients to choose from. The Arcata Co-Op also offers a fine selection of imported wines and beer, as well as domestic cheeses from Humboldt County. The store has the option for customers to grind their own fresh peanut butter and coffee.

Harvest Health

Harvest Health is one of the newer health food stores. Located in Atascadero, Harvest Health sells organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and meats from various farms all across California. In addition to healthy foods, the store also sells organic body care products and nutritional supplements.

Earthy Nutrition

Many dieters in California have turned to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles to ensure healthy living. Earthy Nutrition is a natural health food store that sells organic vegan friendly foods. One of the most unique things about Earthy Nutrition is their partnerships with local naturopathic doctors, holistic nutritionists and bodywork specialists. Not only does this help ensure that all the products sold in the store are healthy, but the store is a great option for any California shoppers that need referrals for natural medicines and other specialty goods.

Chico Natural Foods Cooperative

There are multiple health food stores available in the city of Chico, but the Chico Natural Foods Cooperative stands out above the rest. The store proudly boasts that it uses minimal synthetic ingredients for everything in the store. This policy extends to shipping and handling, which helps ensure that no unnecessary ingredients end up in the food. All the food products are organically grown, and whenever possible they are from California farms. Finally, the Chico Natural Foods Cooperative sells cruelty-free foods and products. As far as specialty food stores go, it is also one of the more reasonably priced markets in Chico.

Alberts Organic

Alberts Organic is another health food provider available in California. It is not quite as prominent as Whole Foods, but is has just as wide of a selection of meat, poultry, cheeses, yogurts, tofu, dairy products and soy products. Alberts Organic works with food artisans and growers all throughout the country. Their biggest claim to fame is having over 300 seasonal fruits and vegetables available. Alberts Organic does not have their own food store. Instead, the store sells products to both large and small health food stores in California.

Kokopelli’s Wellness LLC

Kokopelli’s Wellness has only a minimal focus on selling health food items. Instead, the store offers numerous holistic health items, for both humans as well as pets. Anyone shopping for groceries will want to visit a more traditional store, but shoppers looking for general health items and beauty products should consider stopping by Kokopelli’s. Since it is not a traditional grocery store, Kokopelli’s sells most of their products online. It is a great location for anyone who wants to buy gifts for friends or family members that contain natural, healthy ingredients. Some of the items sold include candles, bath salts, tea tree shampoo and conditioners, various detox products and ingredients as well as treats for cats and dogs.