How to Renew a CDL in California

Commercial drivers may question, “How much does it cost to renew commercial drivers license in California?” when nearing the expiration of their professional credentials. The cost of a commercial driver license renewal is an important factor in completing the license renewal process. To renew commercials drivers license in CA successfully, a driver must also submit additional forms to the DMV to prove he or she is still fit to operate the commercial vehicle safely. A commercial drivers license renewal must be completed accurately before the expiration date of the license to avoid legal action, including a suspension or fines. Drivers interested in renewing CDL licenses should review the DMV’s requirements for a successful renewal, including the fees and forms that must be submitted. A CDL renewal in California is authorized for completion through different methods, provided the driver meets the qualifications for these specific methods. Commercial drivers who want to renew CDL license may need to submit documentation that proves citizenship and allows the DMV to search driving histories accurately. When attempting to complete a DMV CDL renewal, a driver is responsible for submitting requested forms and documentation well before the license expires. Read through the sections below to find out more about completing a CDL drivers license renewal in California successfully, the forms a driver must submit and the steps to follow.

CDL Drivers License Renewal in California

When renewing a California CDL license, it is important for a driver to be aware of the expiration date on his or her license. Waiting too long to initiate a CDL renewal can result in the expiration of a license. When a commercial license expires, the DMV may ask the driver for additional fees or forms, including a new form, before it can be reinstated and renewed. A commercial driver can learn about the specific cost of commercial driver license renewal in California by consulting the California Commercial Drivers Handbook or speaking with a DMV representative.

The types of forms and fees due when renewing a CDL license in CA varies, depending on the different certificates and endorsements a driver holds on his or her license. A CDL renewal notification form is sent to commercial drivers when licenses are nearing expiration. The notification outlines the steps to renew CDL license, including the fees due at renewal and the forms that must be submitted to the DMV to complete the process.

Information Needed to Renew Commercial Drivers License in CA

Recent DMV guidelines have changed and in order to renew commercial drivers license in CA, commercial drivers are now responsible for providing proof of citizenship to the DMV. Additionally, a commercial license renewal cannot occur until the driver has presented the DMV with proof of residency in the state of California. To find out more about the citizenship and residency documents required for driver license services, download our comprehensive online guide.

The DMV CDL renewal notification is also required to complete the renewal process. If the CA CDL renew notification is misplaced or unavailable, a driver can also complete a new Commercial Driver License Application form and submit it to the DMV along with other requested documents and fees. The purpose of the application or commercial license renewal notification is for the DMV to identify the commercial driver easily and successfully so his or her certificates, endorsements and driving history can be reviewed before renewing the license.

A CDL renewal cannot be processed by the DMV until the driver has also completed and submitted an updated Driver License Ten Year History Record Check renewal form. The CDL drivers license renewal is only processed if the form is completed thoroughly and includes accurate information on the driver’s history and previous state-issued licenses held. Before renewing a CDL in California, the DMV needs to thoroughly review a driver’s commercial vehicle driving history to ensure he or she is a safe driver and will not put other California drivers, passengers or pedestrians at risk. When renewing commercial drivers licenses, the DMV requires this form so the driving history recorded under previous names and in other states or countries can be recalled and reviewed before processing.

Steps to Follow When Renewing a CDL in California

Some California drivers can renew CDL licenses by mail, if they meet all qualifications set by the DMV. To renew a commercial license by mail, a driver’s commercial license must be at least 60 days away from the expiration date. Renewing a CDL by mail is only permitted for drivers who do not have a suspended license, are not on probation and have not failed to appear in court in the last two years if needed. Drivers who are 70 years of age or younger and who have no additional driver’s licenses from other states or jurisdictions can also renew commercial licenses by mail in California. However, a mail-in CDL renewal cannot be processed by the DMV if the driver carries a Hazardous Materials endorsement on his or her commercial driver’s license.

A driver who was not given the option to renew CDL licenses by mail but who feels he or she should qualify for this renewal method can complete a California Driver License Renewal By Mail Eligibility Information form and submit it to the DMV. The DMV may approve or deny the driver’s request to renew commercials drivers license by mail. If the request is denied or the driver does not meet the qualifications to renew a CDL by mail, he or she can complete the renewal process in person at a commercial DMV office. To successfully complete the California CDL renewal process, a driver must submit all necessary forms, proof of citizenship, proof of residency and renewal fees to the DMV. When renewing a commercial license, drivers should also review the information displayed on their current licenses to ensure name, address or endorsement changes do not also need to be processed by the DMV.