Veteran Drivers in California

Some veterans may wonder, “What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in California?” when seeking information on California driving license credentials. California veteran designation on license credentials is an important benefit for the many U.S. veterans who reside and operate a vehicle in California. Veterans who serve in the U.S. military can apply for a driver’s license veteran designation to help them identify themselves as a veteran for state services and other benefits. Additionally, a veteran designation on license plates is also available to qualifying service members. A specialized license plate can be customized to fit your particular branch of service. You can also obtain veterans ID card credentials if you do not want a driving license or cannot secure a driver’s license.

What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in California?

The driver’s license veteran designation can have many benefits for former military service members.

A California veteran designation on license identification can stand as a convenient form of verification for veterans who wish to apply for benefits in the state, including discounts, financial support, employment preference and entrance into national monuments and parks. This designation can help veterans prove their service status without having to provide several verifying documents. A California veteran driver’s license can stand in place of Certificate of Release or discharge paperwork.

You can obtain driver’s license veteran designation through the California Department of Motor Vehicles, regardless if you apply for your first California license or choose to update your current driving credentials. To apply for veteran designation on your driver’s license you must first get a veteran verification form through the veteran service office in your area. Once you complete this document, you complete the driving license application process and request a veteran license designation at your local DMV office. You cannot complete the entire process online, but you can make appointments for you driver’s license veteran designation application online to save time at the DMV office. Once you secure your appointment to complete your application for veteran designation on license credentials, you must appear in person to complete the process. You must complete the application for a new veteran driver’s license and pay the necessary fee. When you access your new driver’s identification for veterans you can also request information about California veteran benefits, including information about eligibility for disability benefits and veteran employment programs. Your new driver’s license veteran designation will assist you in gaining access to state provided support by providing proof of your U.S. military veteran status.

How to get a Veteran License Plate in California

As a former service member, you can obtain a specialized veteran license plate that displays your military service. If you get a veteran license plate in California, you can reflect your particular branch of service as well as any honorary award you received for service. There is a wide range of plates you can access with your verification of service. Requirements for veterans license plates in California include proof of service, an accepted method of payment and completing the correct application process for each type of plate. The process to get a veteran license plate designation will require a fee for the initial process as well as a yearly fee for renewal. If you get a veteran license plate in California, you can also choose a plate that helps support certain veteran offices and organizations. Motorcycle owners can apply for designated license plates for veterans, when eligible. There are particular logos made for motorcycles and for other motor vehicles.

You may get a veteran license plate in California that includes a disabled veteran status instead of other types of veteran plates when necessary. Requirements for disabled veterans license plates include verification of disability, including blindness, loss of limbs, the need of an aid or assistive device or severe impairment. These disabled veteran license plates also have different fee requirements than other veteran plates.

How to Get a Veterans ID Card in California

A CA veterans identification card is another type of primary identification that you can consider if you cannot or do not wish to obtain a driving license. A veterans ID card offers benefits similar to a driver’s license with veteran designation but it does not authorize vehicle operation. The veteran ID card application process involves presenting verification of identity, residency and veteran status. You must complete the veterans identification card application process in person by presenting a Veterans Office issued verification form and other identifying information. Once you have obtained your verification, you can obtain your veteran ID card at your local DMV. In order to qualify for the veteran identification classification, you must have been released from duty with an honorable discharge or release. Additionally, you cannot obtain a veterans ID card if you are still an active military service member. There are designations available for active service members in California.

There is no examination for receiving your veteran Identification card in California, however you must pay a fee. If you would like to add your veteran designation to your ID card and your license, you can complete the process as needed. You will only need one verification document and application for both veteran driver’s license and veteran ID processing.