How to Change the Address on a California Drivers License

A California drivers license change of address must be performed when you move to a new residence in the state. However, changing drivers license address information is not required if you move to a temporary address. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) processes address change requests for your license. Changing your drivers license address information with the DMV is free. Additionally, you do not need to obtain a new drivers license when you change your address. It is important to note that completing a DMV address change does not mean that your mail will automatically forward to your new address. It is still your responsibility to change your address at the Post Office when you move. A CA DMV change of address form must be submitted within 10 days of moving to a new permanent address in California. Learn where to change drivers license address information online, in person or through the mail, and find out which documents you need by reviewing the sections below. To obtain more in-depth information about changing a drivers license address in California, you can also download our comprehensive CA driver’s guide.

How to Change Drivers License Address Online in CA

California’s DMV change of address online system allows most drivers to update their address online. In most cases, the CA drivers license address change system can also be used to update the address on a regular drivers license, identification card or commercial drivers license. Changing a drivers license address in California does not automatically change the address on a driver’s vehicle or vessel registration, unless the driver elects to update this information in the same online transaction. Users will not receive a new drivers license, ID card or vehicle registration card that shows their new address.

To change address on drivers license credentials, drivers must be listed as certified users with the California DMV. Before changing a CA DMV drivers license address online, new users will need to set up an online account using an email address. After creating an account for changing drivers license address information, a driver is considered a certified online user by the DMV. This allows applicants to use other DMV services online without creating a new account.

When completed online, a California DMV address change takes approximately three days to be updated in the CA DMV system. Applicants who need to change drivers license address prior to completing other online DMV services can check the status of their address change by logging into their account on the DMV website again.

To be eligible to complete an online DMV address update in CA, drivers will need to meet certain important criteria. For example, motorists must have a Social Security Card in order to change their address online. To change the address on your drivers license online, you will need the most recent vehicle registration or vessel registration card you have for your vehicle. To complete a DMV change of address online, you will need to enter information about all the vehicles you own or lease.

How to Change Your DMV License Address by Mail in CA

If you are ineligible to complete a drivers license address change online, you may mail in your address change form instead. First, you must obtain the DMV change of address form. Then, you will need to complete the form, which will ask you to provide some information about the vehicles that you own. Once you have entered all of the requested information, you can mail the form to the DMV.

Change Your CA Drivers License Address in Person

Changing your CA drivers license address does not require that you visit a CA DMV office in person. However, you may change drivers license address information when completing other services at a DMV office. For example, you can change the address on your drivers license when applying for a drivers license copy, registering a car or renewing your drivers license. If you change a California drivers license address when completing other DMV transactions, you may need to complete an additional address change form.

Additional Information for Changing a CA Drivers License Address

When changing drivers license address information in CA, there are several other rules that you must know. Most importantly, a change of drivers license address form must include your residential address. Additionally, you can only use a PO Box for your mailing address (never for your residential address). You must make sure your drivers license change of address has taken effect before you can replace a lost drivers license or renew a license using your new address. A DMV change of address is not typically required if you move temporarily to a new address in California. The DMV will not accept a temporary drivers license address change in most cases. To learn more about additional important rules, download our comprehensive guide, which provides in-depth instructions and information for changing your California driving license address.