Senior Drivers in California

Seniors wondering how to become a safer driver in California can improve their performance on the road by educating themselves on the issues facing senior drivers today. A CA mature driver education course can help senior drivers identify vision, hearing and other health issues that may impair their safety and get help for any changes that may impact their driving abilities. Many companies offer car insurance discounts for seniors as a result of safe driving performance or affiliations with various senior citizen groups. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides information on senior driver services, including mature driver improvement course information and tips on how to drive a car safely in California after age 55. Elderly drivers can review the sections below to find out more about how to become a safer driver, where to find mature driver improvement courses and what to do if you decide it is time to stop driving.

Driving Safety Tips in California

Safe driving tips in California apply to senior citizens who wish to improve their performance on the road. Knowledge of road safety rules can fade after completing the original driving exam process, and this can put seniors at a disadvantage unless they take proactive measures to stay informed. Seniors wondering how to become a safer driver can begin by considering road safety tips that apply to their overall health and driving performance. Safe driving techniques begin with remaining physically active and addressing any health issues that can impact safe driving. Seniors should speak with their doctors if they feel that they are losing their safe driving ability due to arthritis, vision or hearing difficulties or a lack of flexibility or coordination.

While seniors statistically obey driving safety rules and laws, such as wearing seatbelts and not speeding, other limitations or lapses in judgment can negatively impact safe driving. Senior road safety tips in CA include being aware of how medications affect mental and physical ability and well-being, and being willing to obtain assistive devices or other aids to make driving safer and more comfortable.

Mature Driver Courses in California

A mature driver education course in California can provide driving lessons for seniors who need to refresh their knowledge of traffic laws. A driving course for seniors also educates elderly drivers on any changes in signs or signals that might have occurred since they first earned their driving credential. A defensive driver course for seniors, such as the AAA mature driver course available to AAA club members, can help seniors identify deficiencies in driving ability. Mature driving lessons are provided at various locations throughout the state, including colleges, law enforcement agencies and independent driving schools. A driving course for seniors may include a behind-the-wheel assessment with a driving professional to determine how well you perform the physical actions necessary for driving, and how limited mobility may influence your driving skills. Besides learning how to be a safer driver, another advantage to investing in a mature driver improvement course is that most participants are able to request an auto insurance discount for attending.

Senior Car Insurance Discounts in California

Car insurance discounts for seniors in California are more common than many realize, and can be awarded for several different reasons. Senior car insurance quotes can be cheaper than those for younger drivers simply because older drivers tend to spend less time behind the wheel. Seniors car insurance discounts can sometimes be obtained by installing a diagnostic device that monitors driving behavior and awards good performance. Other insurance companies give discounts to senior citizens who drive under a certain number of miles annually.

How to Surrender Your Drivers License in California

It may be time to surrender drivers license credentials if you frequently find yourself becoming confused or lost while driving, or if you are involved in too many minor accidents. While a senior’s voluntary surrender of driving license credentials is a major life event, sometimes it is the only real choice to keep all motorists and passengers safe. Voluntary surrender forms for seniors are available at any California DMV customer service center. When seniors surrender driving license privileges, they should learn how to obtain a photo ID card in its place to use for identification purposes. If you are the friend of relative of a senior citizen who is having trouble accepting that it is time to surrender drivers license credentials, you may contact the DMV and submit a written request for a medical review.

How to Cancel Your Car Insurance in California

If you have decided to give up driving, you may wonder how to cancel car insurance in CA so that you are not continuing to pay for coverage that you no longer need. Cancelling car insurance must be initiated only after cancelling your car registration, to avoid fines and penalties for not having insurance coverage on your vehicle. Contact your county auto tag office and ask how to voluntarily cancel your car registration. Then, cancel car insurance policy coverage by contacting your insurance agent in person or by phone. Let the agent know that you are cancelling car insurance because you are no longer driving your vehicle and you have cancelled your vehicle registration.