How to Obtain an M2 Motorcycle License in California

Drivers should learn how to obtain an M2 motorcycle license in California if they plan to ride motorized bikes or scooters. A valid M2 license must be held by a scooter operator if he or she rides the scooter on roads throughout the state. To successfully apply for an M2 driver license in CA, a potential scooter rider must complete the necessary forms, display safe operation skills and provide the mandatory fees to the DMV. The M2 classification is a license category that does not encompass as many two- or three-wheeled vehicles as the M1. Potential applicants should review how to apply for an M2 license and the types of vehicles that can be legally operated with this license before starting the application process. What is an M2 license? To review the process for obtaining this motorcycle license classification and the forms and information a potential applicant needs to provide to the DMV when applying, review the information below.

What is a California M2 license?

A California M2 driver license gives a license holder legal permission to operate certain types of two- and three-wheeled vehicles. However, the M2 license does not give the license holder legal permission to operate a four-wheeled vehicle, such as a car or a truck on the road. The types of vehicles an M2 driving license holder can operate legally in the state include:

  • A motorized bicycle.
  • A moped or a scooter.
  • A regular bicycle that has an attached motor.

Drivers who successfully follow the process for how to get an M2 motorcycle drivers license can legally operate a two-wheeled device that is equipped with a floorboard meant to be stood on while operating. Additionally, an M2 driver’s license holder can also legally operate a two-wheeled motorized device equipped with a driver’s seat. The CA motorcycle license M2 allows for legal operation of a scooter, a moped or motorized bicycle that can travel at 30 miles per hour or slower. If a vehicle can travel faster than this speed, a different motorcycle license category may need to be obtained before legal operation. To find out more about the M2 classification and the vehicles that can be legally ridden after this license is obtained, download our comprehensive online guide.

Forms and Information Needed to Acquire an M2 Drivers License in California

The forms needed to complete the steps for how to apply for an M2 license can vary depending on the age of the applicant and if he or she already has a California driver’s license. California M2 license applicants must be at least 16 years of age before attempting to obtain a license. Applicants without a current California driver’s license are required to complete, sign and submit an original Driver License or Identification Card Application form to the DMV. Minors under the age of 18 must have the form signed by a parent or guardian to complete the steps for obtaining an M2 license. To acquire a classification M2 license, an applicant without a current license is also required to present proper identification, provide residency documentation and submit his or her Social Security Number.

A knowledge or written test is a requirement for completing the CA M2 license process, so all applicants should study the California Motorcycle Handbook and consider attending a motorcycle safety course before making an appointment to take the test with the DMV. Knowledge about the safe operation of a two-wheeled vehicle and the state’s laws about mopeds, scooters and motorized bikes is tested for M2 drivers license applicants. M2 classification license applicants are also expected to know how to safely carry passengers on two-wheeled vehicles and the motorcycle license types and qualifications. When completing a knowledge test for the M2 driving classification, an applicant cannot use any testing aids, such as a handbook or notes for assistance.

Drivers under 21 years of age are not issued an M2 driving license in California until they have completed the knowledge test, motorcycle safety course and a driving skills test with the DMV. All these tests must be successfully passed before an M2 driver license is issued, and the driver can legally operate a scooter, a moped or a motorized bicycle in the state. Additionally, an applicant who is 16 to 18 years old must drive with a motorcycle permit for at least six months before applying for an M2 drivers license. M2 motorcycle license applicants over 18 years of age can choose to complete an acceptable motorcycle safety course or participate in a driving skills test at the DMV. To learn the details about the forms and information needed by the DMV when applying for an M2 drivers license, download our informative, free guide.

How to Obtain an M2 Motorcycle License in CA

To apply for an M2 driving license in California, an applicant must visit a local DMV office. An appointment to obtain an M2 motorcycle drivers license should be made with the DMV before visiting to ensure all tests and tasks can be completed in a timely manner. When tests are completed and forms submitted, the applicant must also provide a thumbprint, pass a vision exam and have his or her photo taken for the new license. If a driving skills test is taken and an M2 driving license applicant fails, he or she has three more chances to pass the test, but a follow-up appointment with the DMV must be obtained before attempting the test again.

M2 license applicants are required to pay an application fee when attempting to obtain a motorcycle license. M2 driving license fees may vary depending on if the applicant already has his or her California driver’s license. When making an appointment with the local DMV to obtain an M2 motorcycle drivers license, an applicant should confirm the application fees and the acceptable payment methods. When a CA M2 driver license is presented to a successful applicant, he or she should also verify all information printed on the card for accuracy, including the full name and address.