California Background Check

A California background check is a valuable resource, as it can provide detailed information about an individual that he or she may not voluntarily reveal. An employer can use a background check to verify if a potential employee is suitable for the position for which he or she is being hired. Background checks may also be useful to individuals renting out properties, as they can prevent a landlord from having an undesirable tenant. While many CA background checks focus on criminal background, other details may also be researched, including financial records and prior addresses. More information on background check services are in the sections below, including an explanation of what a background check is and why people use them. Additionally, you can learn how to do a background check and obtain results instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Get a California Background Check Online

Getting an online background check in California is easy, convenient and quick. You can get a background check online from a reliable third-party website authorized by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to serve as a background check agency. The process of getting a background check online requires that you gather certain identifying information for the individual whom you wish to obtain records. This background check information includes the individual’s first and last name, as well as his or her date of birth, Social Security Number and the city where he or she resides. As long as you have this information, there are little restrictions on whose background you can check online. You may also be required to provide your credit card information in order to pay for the background check. Obtain an online background check right now by submitting an application through a trusted third-party provider.

Get a California Background Check in Person

The process for how to get a background check in person is a little more complicated than the online option but is available for those who wish to conduct a search in this manner. An In-person California background check requires an individual to fill out a Request for Live Scan Service form. This form must then be taken to a Live Scan site within the state. These sites tend to be located inside police stations and other law enforcement offices, and a licensed finger print roller will be required to take finger prints. You can find where to get a background check by reviewing the list of Live Scan sites available through the California Department of Justice.

To complete your background check, the Live Scan site is required to send your fingerprints and identifying details to the DOJ. Whereas online background searches can be instantly requested for practically any individual, an in-person check requires that the individual actually travel to a site to get physically fingerprinted. Because of this, and the fact that an individual may not always go to a Live Scan site if requested to do so, an online background check is typically the more efficient option. Get an online background check in seconds when you submit a request through a reliable third-party provider.

What is a background check in California?

A California background investigation is a way that an individual or entity can research a person’s public records. A background check typically includes criminal records, but it can also consist of other information such as details on an individual’s finances, his or her job history and any degrees or educational experience. The criminal information on a California background check is typically provided by the state’s Department of Justice, and this is the information that is normally most pertinent to parties requesting an investigation. Other information, like a driving record, is obtained through other agencies like the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Additionally, financial records may have to be gathered from credit reporting agencies. The advantage of an online background check through a reliable third-party site is that you can obtain all of this information all at once without having to request records from several public and private agencies. Get immediate background search results by submitting your request through a reliable third-party provider.

Why do people use background checks in California?

A background check for job placement in California is perhaps one of the most common reasons people request a background investigation. Background checks for employment purposes serve to screen prospective new hires to verify whether they are suitable candidates for the job and can perform the responsibilities that it entails. A background investigation may be of particular value to an employer if the employee will be responsible for caring for vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly and disabled persons. Knowing a candidate’s criminal background may prevent an employee from potentially harming an individual under his or her care. A background look up may also be legally required for certain types of work. Employees may need background checks for employers to determine whether they have the educational and professional qualifications for less sensitive jobs, as well. Obtaining a background check online from a reliable third-party source can provide an employer with a candidate’s educational degrees, certifications and employment history. The information in an online background search can be compared to the information a prospective new hire presents in his or her resume to establish the candidate’s truthfulness.

Furthermore, an online background check service is essential to landlords as it can prevent them from renting to someone who has had a bad history of paying rent or is known to have conducted criminal activity in the properties he or she has inhabited. A tenet background check is often required for California residents pursuing Section 8 housing. Submit your application now through a trustworthy third-party provider to get your background investigation results instantly.