California Auto Insurance

Having California car insurance is a requirement for vehicle owners in the state. All drivers must have California auto insurance regardless of the type of vehicle they drive, the type of ownership they have or their particular financial situation. This is not surprising, as California has one of the highest number of cars per capita in the United States. Lucky, cheap auto insurance options are available for CA drivers, especially those with a clean driving record. To find the cheapest auto insurance available, you must compare various options carefully depending on your car insurance needs, which can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, automatic price comparisons are available online for your convenience, allowing you to receive quick quotes with minimal effort. If you are wondering, “What is the cheapest car insurance available in California?” or how to get car insurance information, learn how to obtain automatic quote comparisons easily through an independent online service.

Get Automatic California Insurance Quote Comparisons

Getting car insurance comparisons online in California is easy and quick. Online car insurance comparisons take the hassle out of finding affordable auto insurance in California, as they automatically draw up quotes from various companies based on your insurance needs. To compare quotes, simply fill in your information and choose your insurance preferences depending on the level of coverage you require. You can choose anywhere from minimum coverage to a comprehensive full coverage for your vehicle. When requesting car insurance quotes online, you will only need to enter your information once. This makes finding discount auto insurance simple, convenient and fast, as you do not have to enter details, like your address, daily distance traveled and primary use, more than once. You will receive instant quotes based on your choices and save a significant amount of time. Get auto insurance quotes through a trusted third-party provider.

Compare California Insurance Quotes One by One

In addition to getting California car insurance comparisons easily by using an automatic online comparison service, you may get car insurance quotes yourself and compare them one by one. Whether you need full coverage car insurance or are simply looking for the cheapest CA car insurance option available, you may compare quotes by contacting car insurance companies yourself. This can be done online or by phone. However, this method can be time intensive, as you must first compile a list of companies whose quotes you want to compare, contact them each individually and furnish the same information multiple times. When you compare auto insurance this way, you must keep track of each quote separately, making a note of the specific details each time. If want to compare quotes for a range of coverage options, the process will take even longer, as you will need to adjust each company’s quote individually. You can save time by using verified third-party providers to compare California auto insurance quotes online, which is also the most convenient option for getting cheap car insurance quotes.

California Car Insurance Overview

Drivers must buy auto insurance in California if they own, lease or finance a vehicle that they or someone else intends to operate for any amount of time. Drivers must purchase auto insurance that at least meets the state’s minimum requirements, which include bodily injury liability (BIL) coverage, property damage (PD) liability coverage, uninsured motorist BIL and uninsured motorist PD. When comparing online auto insurance quotes from trusted third-party providers, you must make sure the estimates cover the state’s minimum requirements.

Those without proper CA automobile insurance or with no insurance at all may be subject to fines and other penalties. California imposes penalties like traffic citations, fines upwards of $1,000 and even vehicle impounding for any driver who cannot present proof of insurance when prompted. Additionally, those who are without insurance and cause an accident must pay for any damages to other cars and property. Fortunately, auto insurance rates in California are more affordable for good drivers, as insurance companies often give auto insurance rate discounts to drivers who:

  • Have licensed driving experience for the past three years.
  • Have had a license in the U.S. or Canada for at least 18 months.
  • Have had no more than one DMV point on his or her driving record in the past three years.
  • Has not had a DUI or certain other driving-related convictions in the past 10 years.

How much is car insurance in California?

Your particular California car insurance cost varies with the policy options you choose, as well as with your personal circumstances. Auto insurance rates may vary depending on your marital status, level of education, occupation, primary address, miles driven per day and more. Additionally, car insurance prices will vary depending on the level of coverage you choose. To determine the best car insurance plan, you must first understand the options available to you. California drivers must choose policy options for liability (BI/PD) and uninsured motorist protection, according to state law. However, you may also choose to add comprehensive, collision, rental, roadside and loan or lease payoff coverage to your online auto insurance quote comparisons to determine if additional coverage is in your budget. Be aware that unlike other several other states, California does not require Personal Injury Protection (PIP).