California Driving Records

Your California driving record is becoming an increasingly important document in various areas of your everyday life. Not only is your driving record used by law enforcement and the state government to record important information about you as a driver, but driving records are also used by insurance companies to set your monthly premiums and even by employers to determine if you would be a good fit for certain jobs. Your DMV driving record contains basic details like your name, address and license issue date as well as information about your endorsements and traffic violations. Driver records are available to any California drivers who would like to review the information to ensure it is correct, guard against identity theft or simply satisfy their curiosity about the document contains. Discover how to check your driving record online for the state of California.

Order Your California Driving Record Online

To check driving record information, you can order your California driver record online through a verified third-party provider. This process is convenient, easy and quick. Simply complete the short form with the requested information and pay a fee. Ordering your drivers record using this method will allow you to skip the lines at the California DMV and receive your record information significantly sooner. Your CA driver record will include information about your driving status, traffic violations and more. Ordering driving records online is perfect if you want to verify your information, guard against any incorrect charges on your record or simply have access to the document that insurance companies and employers may use to make important decisions about you. Get your driving record online through a trusted third-party provider today.

Request Your California Driving Record by Mail

Those who do not need access to their personal driving history in California as soon as possible can also request a mail-in copy of driving record information. Print a California driving history application, fill in your identifying information and pay the fee using an appropriate payment method. To find out whether you can pay using a check or whether you must purchase a money order, contact the CA DMV. However, not all DMV offices process these requests, so you must be sure to mail your application directly to the DMV Headquarters. The results from a DMV record search through a mail-in application contain the same information as those obtained online, so many drivers opt for online driver record requests, as they are much faster.

Obtain Your California Driving Record in Person at the Department of Motor Vehicles

In-person California driving record requests can also be made at a Department of Motor Vehicles office. If you request a DMV driving record using this method, be sure to bring any and all required documentation with you to avoid wasting a trip to the DMV. Your CA driving record may not be available at every DMV, so after locating the DMV office nearest you, call to ensure they process these types of requests and, if possible, ask whether you can make an appointment to decrease your potentially long wait time. Depending on their availability, you may not be able to make same-day appointments. The DMV driving record you will obtain if your submit your order in person contains the same information available as driving records ordered online, so depending on the purposes of your request, visiting the DMV in person may not be the best method. If you are wondering how to get a copy of your driving record as quickly as possible, online ordering may still be your best option.

What types of California driving records are available?

Two types of driving history records are available in the state of California: the certified (or official) record and the uncertified one. All online driving records are uncertified, meaning that they are perfectly suitable for personal use but may not be entered as evidence in a court of law, for example. However, the DMV driving history available on each record is exactly the same. If your DMV driving record must be used in court or submitted to an employer for review, you will need a certified driving history record. If you intend to use your record to verify that the information it contains is correct, an uncertified document will work perfectly. You can get a copy of your driving record online today through a verified independent provider.

What information is on your California driving record?

Your California personal driving record contains all relevant information about you as a driver, including certain personal details such as your name, address and date of birth. Your driving history report will also contain information about your license, like its issue date, date of expiration and status. Most importantly, your drivers record will include information about traffic violations you may have committed, such as running red lights, reckless driving, DUIs, failure to carry insurance, etc. Finally, your California driver history will include endorsements you have received as well as driving restrictions, like only being able to drive during the day. Access this information today by requesting your driving history through a trusted third-party provider.

What information is not included in your California driving record?

Although your personal driving history in California includes information about a wide range of infractions and violations like racing, accidents, driving under a suspended license and even manslaughter, the California driving record typically contains only driving-related information. As such, your CA record of driving history will generally not include information about any non-driving related arrests or crimes you may have committed.