California VIN Checks

A vehicle identification number check in California can help owners and prospective buyers have a better understanding of automobile’s history. A California VIN is a collection of alpha-numeric characters that help to identify a vehicle. Each vehicle identification number is unique to the car to which it belongs. Although they have existed since the 1950s, these numbers were standardized in 1981 when each car was required to carry the 17-digit identification, which carries information like the car’s nation of origin and manufacturer. With the recent availability of information related to these numbers, they have become a crucial tool for uncovering essential facts about a vehicle. A VIN check is one of the most convenient ways to gather information about any car, as a proper vehicle identification number check can yield virtually all the essentials of a car’s history, including accidents, title information, recalls and more. As such, a California VIN lookup is indispensable when purchasing a car, as it helps guard against any potential foul play by sellers of used cars. Learn how to check VIN number information online to receive instant, up-to-date information about your car or a car you are planning to buy by reading the below information.

Get Your California VIN Check Online

With an online California VIN number lookup, you can receive instant information about the car in question from the comfort of your own home. CA VIN checks typically yield information about the current status of a car’s title, the car’s brand history, its odometer reading, sales history and much more. An online VIN code lookup can provide you with timely information about a car’s relative safety, making it an essential part of the car-buying process. To order a comprehensive vehicle history online, simply enter your information and pay a small fee to receive instant access to a detailed history of any vehicle. Get your VIN check instantly by submitting your request through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Obtain Your California VIN Check By Mail

A CA VIN number check can also be requested by mail by submitting the appropriate application and mailing it to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Obtaining a VIN report using this method will take several business days, as the DMV must first receive your California vehicle identification number (VIN) report application, process it, generate a report and mail you back the results. In general, records from the DMV will be less extensive than those from authorized third-parties, as the DMV uses significantly fewer sources for their reports. For this reason, many people prefer the convenience, thoroughness and ease of ordering vehicle history reports online. When submitting a VIN number check application by mail, be sure to send exact payment, but do not send cash. If necessary, contact your local DMV to find out whether you may pay the fee with a personal check or whether you must purchase a money order.

What is a California VIN Check?

Looking up VIN number information will yield a substantial amount of valuable details about a car in California. CA VIN checks from an independent third party provide you with access to vehicle information compiled from various official sources, including the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), the California DMV, law enforcement records, insurance records, public auctions, service records from participating institutions and many more. By checking VIN details, you will receive an easy-to-navigate record summary and detailed information about the vehicle’s specifications, including the car’s manufacturing plant, fuel capacity, curb weight and safety features.

Online VIN lookups will also provide information about the car’s complete accident history, including any instances of junk, salvage or loss statuses, as well as any type of damage recorded during the entirety of the time the car has been in use. Finally, when you lookup VIN information, you will receive a list of odometer readings at various times throughout the car’s history, as well as other information that can help you learn more about the car. Although a VIN history will not yield driving record information or tell you the identity of the car’s past owners, the VIN history report will tell you how many previous owners the car has had. Request a vehicle report today through a verified third-party provider.

Why are California VIN checks important?

When you check VIN number history for a car in California, you receive details that can be useful for both buying and selling the vehicle. For instance, checking VIN numbers can help sellers set a fair price for their vehicles. If you are planning to sell a car, a VIN number report will help you determine the relative value of your vehicle and allow you to sell it with confidence, knowing the price you set accurately reflects the vehicle’s condition and history. Looking up CA VIN information as a buyer is just as vital, if not more so. Not only do VIN report checks help you determine what price to pay for a vehicle by providing you valuable information about a car’s accidents and past damage, but it also helps you guard against potential foul play. Although many sellers may not be misrepresenting facts purposefully, as they may not be aware of their car’s complete history, it is nevertheless beneficial to verify the information with a vehicle history report. In the event the seller is purposefully hiding the truth, the report and save you from making a potentially costly mistake. Obtain a vehicle history report online from a trustworthy third-party provider.