How to Change the Address on a California Car Registration

Drivers may need to change car registration address in California when an old address is still on the vehicle registration after a move. An address change on car registration should be initiated by drivers as soon as they relocate, in order to avoid legal action, penalties or fines. When changing car registration address, the process should be completed thoroughly and correctly to ensure the proper mailing address is on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is important for car owners to know how to change car registration address efficiently with the DMV so this mailing address is always up to date and no important communication is missed. To learn how to fill out a CA change of address car registration application, the methods for changing the address on vehicle registration and the information needed to complete the process, review the following sections.

Changing Car Registration Address in CA Online

When considering how to change the address on your car registration in California, drivers have different methods to choose from, including completing the process online. The California DMV offers a Change of Address system to make it easy for drivers to update their addresses with the department. This online system is useful for changing the address on a driver’s license or identification card. However, a specific DMV car registration address change must be completed for the address to be updated on the car owner’s registration. Even if a car owner has successfully submitted a change of address for the license, he or she is still responsible for completing a separate transaction to change the registration address. Fortunately, most drivers can easily perform a DMV change of address registration once they log into the DMV Change of Address system.

In certain cases, the CA vehicle registration address change online system will not allow a car owner to submit the address change online. Changing an address on the vehicle registration in California may not be completed online for car owners who do not have a valid California drivers license or identification card. Additionally, car owners attempting to change an address on a car registration online without a Social Security Number will also be denied access to the online system. These cases may need special identification or documentation to be presented in person or by mail for verification.

To complete a CA DMV car registration address change online, a car owner must sign into the system and become an authorized user. Before a car registration address change can be completed online, the new user must verify his or her identity and create an online account. After moving through all online screens to make the change of address on car registration, the user will find a new car registration is not issued. He or she can visit the DMV and pay a fee to request an updated car registration document that includes the new mailing address. To learn more about how to change address on registration in California using the online system, download our comprehensive informational guide.

How to Change Address on Registration in California by Mail or in Person

To change the address on car registration in California, a car owner must fill out a Notice of Change of Address form and mail it to the DMV. Submission of an address change for car registration form may be submitted in person at a local DMV office, but an in-person visit is not necessary for the change to be made. The identification information given on the car registration change of address form by the vehicle owner needs to match what the DMV has on file for the address change to move forward successfully. One in-person or by mail transaction can be used to change the address on vehicle registration for up to three vehicles. However, before the change of address car registration application is accepted by the DMV, all owner information will be verified to ensure all vehicles in question are owned by the requestor.

Information Needed to Change Car Registration Address in CA

Whether changing CA car registration address online, by mail or in person, the car owner will be required to present important information to identify the proper vehicles and verify ownership. Before changing the address on vehicle registration documents, the car owner must be ready with his or her old address and new address. Additionally, he or she must have the old vehicle registration card handy when applying to change the address on car registration. The California change of address car registration application may also ask to verify the vehicle’s leasing company, if the car is leased. If the vehicle is kept at a different location than the mailing address provided, the car owner is also required to provide the garaging address when attempting to change car registration address in CA.