Reinstating a Suspended Vehicle Registration in California

Drivers who research how to reinstate a suspended vehicle registration in California may have been issued the suspension due to not meeting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and state insurance requirements. Drivers who are issued vehicle registration suspensions in CA cannot drive their cars because they do not possess valid registration with the state. A vehicle registration suspension can be frustrating for a driver because he or she cannot operate the vehicle legally until the suspension is lifted. Owners should learn about the vehicle registration suspension reinstatement process and the fees associated before attempting to have the suspension revoked. Before following the steps of how to clear a suspended vehicle registration in CA, a driver should first ensure his or her auto insurance policy is active and meets all state requirements. Additionally, there may be a suspended registration reinstatement fee, so a driver should be prepared to pay the DMV to have the suspension lifted. To find out more about the causes for registration suspension in California, the information needed to reinstate vehicle registration and the process for reinstatement, review the following information.

Causes for California Vehicle Registration Suspensions

A California vehicle registration suspension can occur for a few different reasons, all relating to the driver providing proper proof of insurance. Failure to do so will result in vehicle registration suspensions by the DMV until proof can be shown that the proper auto insurance was purchased. Upon the transfer of ownership or the initial registration of a vehicle, the car owner is required to provide proof of valid and up-to-date auto insurance on the vehicle within 30 days.

The suspension of a vehicle registration can also occur if the DMV has received a notification of an auto insurance policy cancellation. If the auto insurance company has not sent the DMV a replacement policy to prove there is still valid insurance on the vehicle, a car registration suspension may be issued to the car owner. A car owner should follow the steps for how to clear a suspended vehicle registration if he or she has valid insurance but has received paperwork from the DMV claiming no valid insurance policy is on file. This can happen around the time the insurance policy renews or when it is time to renew vehicle registration.

The California vehicle registration suspension reinstatement process may be harder to complete for car owners who had their registration suspended because they provided false proof of insurance. When a car owner provides the DMV with false evidence of auto insurance for a vehicle, he or she will not only be subject to car registration suspension, but more severe consequences may also be enforced. In addition to vehicle registration suspensions, car owners presenting false insurance proof may be required to pay additional fees, face jail time or experience driver’s license suspensions.

Information Needed for the California Vehicle Registration Suspension Reinstatement Process

When attempting to clear a suspended vehicle registration in CA, a car owner must present specific information to the DMV. To follow the guidelines for how to reinstate a suspended vehicle registration in California, the car owner should provide the DMV with his or her auto insurance information, including the liability limits and expiration date. If the car owner will not be using the vehicle, operating it on roads or parking it on streets, and therefore does not need insurance, the suspended vehicle registration can be revoked when he or she presents a completed and signed Affidavit of Non-Use to the DMV.

When a vehicle registration is suspended in California, the DMV will send a notification to the vehicle owner. Car owners attempting to reinstate suspended vehicle registration by mail should send this notification back to the DMV, along with the other documentation requested. This notification will allow the DMV to quickly identify the car owner and vehicle and enter the new auto insurance information into the system to allow the release of the vehicle registration suspension. A suspended registration reinstatement fee is also due when a car owner attempts to remove the suspension. To learn more about registration reinstatement fees and other information that must be provided to the DMV to clear a registration suspension, download our free online guide.

How to Clear a Suspended Vehicle Registration in California

A car owner can initiate the vehicle registration suspension reinstatement process in California by providing proper proof of insurance to the DMV. A car owner who is equipped with the vehicle information, including the license plate number and Vehicle Identification Number or the Personal Identification Number provided on the DMV letter, can follow the steps for clearing a suspended vehicle registration online. By providing the valid insurance information and paying the suspended registration reinstatement fee by electronic check or credit card, the car owner can submit information on his or her valid insurance policy and lift the vehicle registration suspension without visiting a DMV office or mailing away paperwork.

Car owners can also mail in the proof of auto insurance or the Affidavit of Non-Use, along with the suspended registration reinstatement fee to the DMV. Car owners who have the DMV’s notification of vehicle registration suspension can mail these items along with the notice to:

P.O. Box 997405
Sacramento, CA 95899-7405

Car owners who do not possess the DMV’s letter declaring the vehicle registration is suspended can mail in proof of auto insurance and the vehicle registration reinstatement fee to:

P.O. Box 997408 M/S N305
Sacramento, CA 95899-7408

Additionally, the process for how to reinstate a suspended vehicle registration in California can be completed by calling an automated phone line to verify insurance or verbally submit an Affidavit of Non-Use. This process can only be successfully completed if the car owner can pay the California vehicle registration reinstatement fee by phone.