SR-22 Insurance in California

A California SR-22 may be requested by the DMV when a driver is attempting to reverse a driver’s license or vehicle registration suspension. Additionally, after being convicted of a DUI or other serious offense, SR22 insurance may be required by the DMV before the accused driver can obtain another valid driver’s license and be allowed to operate a motor vehicle legally again. Drivers may wonder, “What is an SR22?” when they learn it is a requirement to clear suspended driver’s licenses. An SR -22 form proves to the DMV that a driver has obtained liability insurance for his or her vehicle that meets California standards. Finding cheap SR22 insurance can be a priority for drivers who need to prove they have insurance because often the policy must be paid in full for proper proof of insurance to be provided. Many drivers may want to search for the cheapest SR22 insurance in CA, but the most important task is to present the form to the DMV and keep the insurance current for the period requested. It is important for drivers to learn how to get SR22 form completed by an auto insurance company to furnish to the DMV so they can have a suspension revoked or a charge cleared. To find out more about the SR22 filing in California, when it is needed and how it can be obtained, review the sections that follow.

What is a California SR22?

A CA SR22 form is required to be on file with the DMV for a predetermined amount of time before a driver’s license suspension or vehicle registration suspension can be revoked. The SR-22 is not completed by the driver, but is filled out by the auto insurance company or a representative of the company. After finding inexpensive SR22 insurance, the driver should communicate with the auto insurance company so it knows an SR22 form is required. While the auto insurance company completes the SR-22 form for the DMV, it is the driver’s responsibility to submit the form to the local DMV office and follow any remaining steps for suspension revocation.

The California SR-22 insurance form not only confirms that the driver in question has valid and up-to-date insurance, it also verifies the type of insurance held by the driver. SR22 filing with the DMV will only occur when the auto insurance company can confirm that the driver has paid the policy in full and all liability coverage on the policy meets the state’s minimum limits. The form for the SR-22 that is given to the DMV by the driver offers the:

  • Vehicle Identification Number.
  • Policy liability limits.
  • Driver information.
  • Policy expiration date.
  • Confirmation that policy is paid in full.

The DMV uses the CA SR-22 insurance form to verify the valid insurance held by the driver and may lift a suspension once received, if all other contingencies are met. To find out more about the SR-22 form and what information is provided to the DMV using the form.

When You Need a California SR22

The California DMV will order a driver to present a CA SR-22 form when he or she has a suspended driver’s license or vehicle registration. An SR-22 insurance form is a requirement to clear the suspension, which may have occurred when a driver committed a serious offense, obtained too many points on his or her driver’s license record or canceled an insurance policy without showing proof of obtaining a new one. The suspension may be the result of a DUI or can be ordered by the DMV when no proof of insurance has been presented for at least 45 days. Drivers looking for the cheapest SR22 insurance in California will need to verify it meets the state’s liability limits on the policy to qualify for the successful completion of an SR-22.

When the DMV sets requirements to revoke a driver’s license or vehicle registration suspension, the driver will receive a notification outlining what needs to be done to clear the suspension. If California SR22 insurance is listed as a requirement for the revocation of the suspension, the driver should learn more about the state’s liability limit requirements and how to get the SR22 form completed successfully. The suspension will not be cleared until an SR22 filing has occurred with the DMV and all other requirements listed on the notification are completed.

How do you find cheap SR22 insurance in California?

The SR22 insurance form is only completed by an auto insurance company if the policy is valid and it meets the state’s liability limits. When the California SR22 filing is received by the DMV, a representative will review the document to ensure it lists the proper vehicle, registered owner, expiration dates and policy limits for liability. If these items are not correct, the SR-22 form is not valid and does not satisfy the DMV’s requirements. The suspension cannot be revoked until the SR22 insurance is corrected. Finding cheap SR22 insurance may be the top priority for drivers, but the form can only be completed when strict policy guidelines are met. It is more important for drivers to obtain SR-22 insurance in California that meets these standards so the suspension can be cleared.

When a driver is ordered to turn in an SR-22 insurance form to the DMV, he or she will need to consult with an auto insurance company and implement a policy that follows the California SR-22 guidelines. Once purchased, the auto insurance company representative will fill out the SR-22 form and give it to the driver. The driver is responsible for taking the SR-22 insurance form to the DMV for prompt submission. Depending on the requirements of the DMV for the driver’s specific case, he or she may be required to complete the CA SR-22 form for each policy renewal for multiple years before the requirement is met.