California Employment Development and Education Assistance FAQs

Is a school employee ever eligible for UI benefits during a recess period in California?

Yes, you are eligible for benefits during a recess period if you meet the following criteria:

  • You meet the non-school wage requirement for your base period
  • You are expecting possible, temporary work in your school or another school during the recess period

What happens when my Unemployment Insurance claim has run out, but I still haven’t finished my training program in California?

You may be eligible for an extension of your UI benefits for the duration of your course. This is known as a training extension, and you must be attending an approved school to qualify.

What is the difference between State Disability Insurance (SDI) benefits and workers’ compensation benefits in California?

Disability Insurance (DI) is part of the SDI program. You may be eligible for weekly SDI benefits when if you are suffering from an injury or illness which was not caused by your job. DI benefits are only paid for a temporary duration. Workers’ compensation is for employees who were injured at work. It may also cover medical expenses, disability benefits and retraining benefits.

I’m trying to contact UI Services in California, why can’t I get through on the phone?

Sometimes, the phone system receives too many calls, and the network gets overloaded. If this is the case, you will hear a recorded message explaining that there is a high volume of calls, asking you to try again later. The busiest times are often between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

I was called by an EDD interviewer and I missed the call. How can I call the interviewer back?

Usually, the EDD interviewer will leave a number, so you can return the call. If you have misplaced the number, contact the California EDD and tell the representative that you need to talk to the interviewer who is handling your claim.

My benefits were overpaid. I would like to pay them back using my credit card. Which credit cards are accepted?

You may repay your UI over payment using VISA, American Express, Discover or MasterCard.

I currently live in Texas, but I have a California UI claim. I have received a notice that I am not eligible for benefits, and I disagree. If I file an appeal, will I have to travel to California to attend the hearing?

No, you will not have to come to California to attend the appeal hearing. You can mail your appeal request to the California EDD. A representative will contact you to give you notice of the date and time of your hearing and also a telephone number to call on the hearing date. You will not be charged for making this call.

Why did I receive a Form 1099G?

This form is for reporting the taxable unemployment compensation you have received from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) for a specific calendar year. Taxable unemployment insurance includes: Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits, Disability Insurance (DI) benefits received as a substitute for UI benefits,Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) benefits and Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

Is a short-term employee eligible for UI benefits?

Yes, so long as the employee meets all the UI eligibility criteria. The state of California does not relieve the UI costs for employers who hire short-term employees.

Why did I receive a Request for Identity Verification, DE 1326C?

The California EDD has sent you this notice, because the Department was unable to verify your identity based on the information you provided when you filed your UI claim, or the Department may have received information that your identity was compromised. The EDD will request further documentation to confirm your identity.

I want to access UI Online, but I don’t have a computer or mobile device. What can I do?

You can get free access to computers and the internet at the America’s Job Center of California located in your public library. You will need to create your own personal email account if you do not already have one.

How do I certify for benefits using UI Online?

First, you must log into your personal UI Online account. Choose “Certify For Benefits” from the main menu, then select the number of weeks you wish to certify. Most applicants certify for two weeks at a time. If you are certifying for more than one week, start with the earliest week first. Remember to answer all of the questions.

What is Work Sharing?

The work-sharing program is available to California employers as an alternative to layoffs. It enables employers to reduce employee hours and salaries. Employees on the work-sharing program whose hours and wages are reduced may be eligible to receive a percentage of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.

Who can participate in a work-sharing program?

You may only participate in work sharing if your employer has applied for the work-sharing program. Your employer must also meet specific eligibility requirements and must have been approved for the program. Your employer will let you know if he or she has been approved for a work-sharing program that will allow you to receive Work Sharing UI benefit payments.

I am unemployed and receiving Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. Do I need to report volunteer work?

You do not need to report volunteer work if you are not earning any wages from the work you have been doing. You can do volunteer work while you are claiming UI to help build up your work experience, to help you get a job in the future. Unpaid volunteer work will not count against your UI claim, provided you are still actively looking for work.

If I am homeschooled can I still qualify for a Cal Grant?

You may still qualify for a Cal Grant and other California financial aid or federal aid. If you are homeschooled, then you must submit your GED, SAT or ACT score using the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form.

What Kind of Employment Development Services Are Available in California?

If you are currently unemployed and need help finding a job, the state of California offers unemployment benefits to eligible applicants, in order to help them get by while pursuing work. In addition to financial assistance, the Employment Development Division of California also offers training benefits, which allow unemployed individuals to learn new skills and get a higher education so that they can earn a better living. Find out more about these employment services by downloading our guide.

What Education Assistance Is Available in California?

Just as unemployed individuals can benefit from services offered by the state, so too can college students. California students can qualify for financial aid from the government, such as loans and grants, which can help them cover the costs of higher education. Find out how you can get financial assistance for your schooling by downloading our guide.