After You Apply for Paid Family Leave Benefits in California

When you have completed the PFL claims process, your application will be reviewed, and a decision will be made as to whether you are eligible for PFL benefits or not. If you receive an appeal PFL disqualification notice, then you have the option appeal. If you are found eligible after filing a claim for PFL, then you may need to verify your eligibility to continue receiving your benefits for further dispensed payments. Continue reading this page to find out what happens after applying for Paid Family Leave benefits in California, what happens if your claim is denied, how to appeal a PFL disqualification and more.

After Filing a Claim for PFL in California

After applying for Paid Family Leave benefits, the California EDD will usually take 14 days to review your claim and determine whether you are eligible or not. As your PFL claim process

is reviewed, you will receive an EDD Notice of Computation (DE 429D) in the mail to inform you of the weekly amount you will receive. This notice is part of the initial PFL claim process, and is not confirmation that you have been found eligible for PFL. After filing a claim for PFL, if you are found to meet the qualifications for PFL, there will be a seven-day waiting period before your first payment is made.

How to Appeal Paid Family Leave Benefits in California

After filing a claim for PFL in California, if your claim is denied, then you will receive a Notice of Paid Family Leave Determination (DE 2514) in the mail. The PFL denial appeal process allows you to request a fair hearing if after you learned how to apply for PFL benefits, your PFL application was denied. To appeal PFL disqualification, you must fill out the appeal form that came with your Notice of Paid Family Leave Determination. It is your legal right to appeal a denial within 20 days of the mailing date at the top of your notice.

If you are wondering how to appeal Paid Family Leave benefits decisions, this first thing you must do is complete the form, including details of why you disagree with the decision. If you cannot find the form, to trigger the PFL denial appeal process, you may submit a detailed letter in its place. When you are appealing the PFL disqualification, your request will be reviewed, and you will receive a decision from the EDD. If the EDD is not able to make your PFL benefit payments, your letter will be forwarded to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

To learn more about how to appeal a Paid Family Leave benefits decision, download our comprehensive guide.

PFL Claim process and Payments

After applying for Paid Family Leave benefits, if you are found eligible then, you will receive your payments on an EDD Debit Card issued by Bank of America. You will receive your Paid Family Leave benefits EDD card in the mail. Paid Family Leave benefits will be directly deposited into your EDD Debit Card account each week. If you have received Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance or PFL benefits within the last three years, you should still have your previously issued card. Your current PFL benefits will be deposited in the account associated with that card.

After Filing a Claim for PFL: Verifying Your Benefits in California

When filing a claim for PFL, if you reported continued work or intermittent leave on your application form, then you will have received the Continued Claim Certification for Paid Family Leave Benefits (DE 2580GF). When filing a claim for PFL, you will use this form to verify the days worked while receiving PFL. You must return the form, or your PFL benefits will be suspended.

When your PFL claim is about to end, and you are ready to return to work, you will receive a Notice of Final Payment (DE 2525XF). Along with this notice, you will also receive a Paid Family Leave (PFL) Supplemental Claim Certification (DE 2525XFA). You may use this form, should you need to extend your caregiving for you family member. You must also have your relative’s physician fill out the Physician’s Supplementary Certificate section of the form. If you wish to extend your bonding period with a child, then you should indicate this on the PFL Claimant’s Certification section of the DE 2525XFA and mail it to the California EDD. You will not require the Physician’s Supplementary Certificate to extend a bonding claim.

After Filing a Claim for PFL: Cancelling Your Claim in California

After applying for Paid Family Leave benefits, if you decide to return to work before the physician’s estimated date of recovery for your family member, or the return date on your bonding application form, and you are receiving automatic payments, then you must fill out the Notice of Change in Claimant Status on the Notice of Automatic Payment – PFL (DE 2587F) and mail it to the EDD.

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