California Training Benefits (CTB)

The California Training Benefits (CTB) program is designed to enable eligible California residents who are claiming Unemployment Insurance (UI) to enroll in training to upgrade their skills or to learn a new trade, in order to make them more competitive in the job market. If you meet the eligibility requirements to enroll in the CTB program, then you will be able to receive your UI benefits without also having to engage in a regular job search. Continue below to find out more about the advantages of the CTB program, CTB program eligibility requirements and California Training Extension claims.

Advantages of the CTB Program in California

Those interested in joining will find that the advantages of the CTB program are numerous. The CA Training Benefits Program is optional for certain recipients claiming UI who meet all the other program qualifications. If you are approved by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) to participate in the CTB program, then you do not have to be available for work, you do not have to be actively looking for work and you do not have to accept offers of suitable work; these are all conditions when enrolled in UI. There is also an extension of UI benefits, which is only available for eligible CTB program participants. This program is known as a Training Extension (TE).

When you enroll for the CA Training Benefits Program, your previous employer will be notified. He or she has the right to contest your need for training or retraining. If your employer contests your CTB program eligibility, then it may result in a reversal of your CTB eligibility, and you may no longer be accepted into the program. However, if you disagree with the CTB program eligibility finding, you may file an appeal. To learn more about your UI requirements when rejected from the CTB program, download our guide.

CTB Program Eligibility Requirements in California

To qualify for the CA Training Benefits Program, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. CTB program eligibility requirements stipulate that you must be eligible to receive California UI benefits. Your CTB program eligibility will be determined by two sets of criteria, outlined below.

California Training Benefits (CTB) Criteria 1

Providing you meet all the eligibility requirements for the CTB program and the California EDD has approved you to enroll in aCA Training Benefits Program, the EDD must then determine that the training or retraining program meets at least one of the following:

  • The training must be authorized by a state or a federal program sponsor, such as California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) or ¬É Employment Training Panel (ETP)
  • You are a journey-level union member in good standing, and you are taking training related to your industry, and are approved by your union
  • You are in a training program for a science, mathematics or special education single-subject teaching credential approved by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC); to meet this criterion, you must also have started the program within three years of being laid off from a teaching position at a public school

California Training Benefits (CTB) Criteria 2

To qualify for the CA Training Benefits Program you must meet certain eligibility requirements. CTB program eligibility requirements stipulate that you must be eligible to receive California UI benefits. As well as meeting CTB program eligibility with one of the above criteria, you must also meet all of the following requirements:

  • You must be eligible for California UI benefits, and you must have been fully or partially unemployed for a certain number of weeks, or be unemployed due to certain reasons
  • You must be unemployed due to a lack of demand for your current skills
  • Your training must be related to an industry or a skill which is in demand in your local California job market
  • You must take the training at an approved facility, enroll full-time, and complete the program in a specified amount of time
  • You must complete the training successfully

How to Apply for the CA Training Benefits Program

The CTB program does not help you determine your training needs or assist in finding training programs. Those interested in CTB for eligible UI claimants can find information about careers and training in the Labor Market Information section of the EDD website. To find out if you qualify for CTB and how to file an application, you should contact the California EDD by calling the designated toll-free number or visiting the state website.

Qualifying for a Training Extension (TE)

You may be approved for a California Training Extension (TE) if you are eligible for CTB or you have a CTB eligibility interview within a certain period of time while receiving UI benefits. Qualifying for a Training Extension (TE) means that you will continue to receive your UI benefits for an extended period of time while you are completing your training. You can inquire about your Training Extension eligibility by asking an EDD represenative about CTB and letting him or her know you are interested in attending a training program. However, you must meet the specified criteria to qualify for a Training Extension.

To learn more about Training Extension claims, download our comprehensive guide.

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