Veteran Employment Programs in California

Veteran employment programs in California are available for those who served in the military and are looking to enter the civilian workforce. California veteran employment services are tailored to assist veterans in finding opportunities that utilize the many skills they developed during military service. Job training programs for veterans are available for qualifying veterans in three categories:

  • Veterans who completed service through active military duty.
  • Military members released from active duty due to disability caused by service.
  • National Guard members who participated in active duty at some point in their military service.


Veteran Employment and Training Service in California

The California Department of Labor provides CA veteran employment training services and many other forms of support to assist veterans in living and working within the state. A high concentration of veterans living in the state means employment programs for veterans are crucial to those veterans returning from active service. California offers educational resources for those in veteran employment programs to help increase job prospects through higher education. Additionally, CA’s veteran employment services provides avenues to enroll in federal and state sponsored employment programs that will utilize the skills veterans developed while in the military and enhance skills with job training. Before completing the veteran employment services application process, veterans can explore the variety of employment programs that fit their needs.

Unemployment for Veterans in California

Veteran’s assistance programs, such as unemployment insurance, offer temporary relief from the strain of inadequate income due to reentering the workforce, disability or lay-off. When seeking veteran unemployment services in California, you must be a California resident, able to physically work and be actively seeking employment to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. When seeking veteran employment insurance in California, you must list your previous employer during the application process. In the case of military service, you must use your official title and position within the military. You base salary will be used to determine your regular unemployment payments when approved. To continue to receive veteran unemployment services in California, you must complete weekly steps to find employment. Activities for veteran employment services job search include making job connections and reporting your application activity. You must complete these steps on a regular basis or your benefits may be discontinued by the California Employment Development Department.

Job Training Programs for Veterans in California

Job training programs for veterans in California enhance professional skills for positions in high demand, which increases career opportunities for newly trained veterans. Those who qualify for veteran unemployment programs can participate in the California Training Benefits program (CTB). The CTB program provides veteran training services helps veterans learn and improve marketable skills while improving education. Those receiving the veteran employment services from the CTB can also receive exemption from certain work requirements of unemployment insurance.

There are several veteran employment training services available in California. For example, the Employment Training Panel is a program for California that collaborates with local businesses to train workers with useful and competitive skills. Veterans assistance programs such as on-the job training provide a way for California veterans to increase their skills while they earn a living wage. This job training program for veterans works with employers to provide training and opportunities for increasing wages, career prospects and income. To apply to on-the-job veteran training programs in California, you must be a veteran or service member. Some reserve program members are also eligible to enroll in certain training programs in California.

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Agricultural Employment Services for Veterans

You can seek employment programs for veterans in the form of hands-on job training in agricultural business. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides veteran employment services to help veterans reenter the workforce into in-demand positions within the USDA. The USDA has several job programs to assist veterans in obtaining the necessary skills in marketing, forest services, and farming. Once you complete one of the USDA job training programs for veterans, you can apply for a priority position within the USDA.

Employment Services for Disabled Veterans in California

Some veterans assistance programs in California can also provide help to those eligible for disability assistance, based on physical or mental disabilities obtained during military service. Disability insurance helps veterans have financial support while they pursue veteran employment services that fit with their level of ability after recovery. Depending on the disabled veteran employment programs a veteran applies for, eligibility requirements can vary. Some California veterans assistance programs help veterans with disabilities by providing job services, like education and training, while other programs can help veterans maintain small businesses.

When you determine that you qualify for veteran’s assistance programs such as disability benefits, you can apply online or by mail. Applying online for veteran employment services is a convenient and efficient way to begin receiving the assistance you need to avoid financial strain. When you begin to receive disability benefits through the California veteran’s assistance program, you may be required to certify your disability through an independent physician to continue participating in the program.

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What Education Assistance Is Available in California?

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