California Vital Records

California vital records serve as legal proof of various significant events during a person’s life. This proof of an individual’s vital statistics can be necessary when accessing and applying for a variety of state and federal services. Some of these documents may also serve as evidence of a person’s identity and citizenship status. The bureau of vital statistics in California is known as the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Vital Records. This department of vital records in California manages many of the important life event records of the state’s residents. It manages and issues certificates of birth and death dating from 1905 to the present. Additionally, the CDPH Vital Records keeps a registry of legal unions within the state and provides marriage and divorce certificates.

The CDPH vital records office can only provide records of a life event if a County Recorder’s Office has previously recorded it. Additionally, CA vital records search may not be immediately available through the CDPH after a birth, death, marriage or divorce. You may need to order marriage certificate copies and other vital statistics from your County Recorder’s Office or County Health Department in such instances. California’s department of vital statistics also distinguishes between authorized and informational copies of records. Obtaining an authorized copy of vital certificates involves meeting certain requirements, as these types of documents can serve to prove an individual’s identity. However, informational copies are available to those who do not meet the requirements for obtaining an authorized copy of an individual’s records. Informational copies cannot be used as legal proof of identity and are only used to provide information on an individual’s birth, death, marriage or divorce.

Depending on your situation, you can obtain vital records in a variety of ways, including in person, by mail or online. In California, you can order death records and marriage records entirely online through a trusted third-party provider. To learn more about these online vital records as well as divorce and birth records, review the sections below.

California Birth Records

California birth certificates are official records of those born in the state and are the first government records individuals receive. This vital record proves an individual was born and is a natural-born citizen of the United States. Without this document, individuals cannot verify their identity for important circumstances such as enrolling in school and applying for a driver’s license. A certificate of birth indicates a person’s name, age and other aspects of his or her identity. Although CA residents can typically receive an original birth certificate at the hospital after the birth has occurred, they may also obtain another copy if need be. While a certified birth certificate can only be obtained by mail, there are two different variations of the form that can be attained. READ MORE

California Death Records

Death records in California are crucial to document a bereavement in the state. A death certificate search should be effortless during this time of distress so you can focus your energy on handling your loved one’s affairs. In California, you can easily find a death certificate by a trusted third-party provider. READ MORE

California Marriage Records

A California marriage certificate is how spouses have their union legally recognized. However, several marriage documents make up a record of matrimonial union between two persons in the state. Couples will need to seek a CA marriage license in order to wed in the Golden State, for instance. However, a marriage license lookup will not indicate if the couple completed the wedding ceremony and, as a result, will not be useful in verifying a legal union. Only couples who finalized the marriage registration are lawfully married in California. A lost marriage certificate can be a problem for spouses who need to prove they are married. Spouses should order a certified copy of CA marriage certificate in the event theirs become damaged or misplaced, as this vital record is needed for tax and other legal purposes. READ MORE

California Divorce Records

A divorce certificate in California is a vital record that proves that a couple had their marriage dissolved legally. Divorce documents are only available after a California court has successfully finalized the dissolution. However, divorce records can take quite some time to retrieve so if you need a copy of divorce papers, make sure you make plans in advance. In fact, it might be better to request copies of divorce papers as soon as the divorce is finalize just so you always have them on hand. READ MORE

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