California Marriage Records

A California marriage certificate is how spouses have their union legally recognized. However, several marriage documents make up a record of matrimonial union between two persons in the state. Couples will need to seek a CA marriage license in order to wed in the Golden State, for instance. However, a marriage license lookup will not indicate if the couple completed the wedding ceremony and, as a result, will not be useful in verifying a legal union. Only couples who finalized the marriage registration are lawfully married in California. A lost marriage certificate can be a problem for spouses who need to prove they are married. Spouses should order a certified copy of CA marriage certificate in the event theirs become damaged or misplaced, as this vital record is needed for tax and other legal purposes.

How to Request California Marriage Certificate Online

Ordering a California marriage certificate online is fast, easy and convenient. A trusted third-party provider conducts a marriage certificate search through state records on your behalf and sends you a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Aside from your original copy, you may have a need to order another copy of your marriage documents. Obtaining a CA marriage certificate copy online allows you to focus your energy on other responsibilities, such as becoming acclimated to your new marriage. If you need a duplicate marriage certificate or certified replacement marriage certificate, your issue can be better taken care of by ordering your documents online. Get a certified copy of marriage certificate documentation today by ordering online through a reputable third-party provider by clicking here.

How to Order a California Marriage Record by Mail

Although you can request a marriage license search by mail, it is not an easy and simple method. If you are requesting an authorized copy of wedding records, you must get a sworn statement notarized, which involves going out of your way to find a notary. Additionally, service fees for processing your request varies by county, so you also have to figure out how your county handles marriage certificate processing. When you send your request for a marriage record search by mail, you run the risk of your form being lost in the mail or not arriving in a timely manner, which can further delay the retrieval. If you order your marriage documents online through a trusted third-party source, you will not have to worry about everything that could go wrong.

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in California in Person

When you order a marriage certificate in person, you have to go out of your way to go back to a County Clerk or County Recorder office. In most cases, the marriage certificate search will take a few weeks after you have already waited in line to talk to a clerk. Obtaining a replacement marriage certificate in California in person allows you to talk to a clerk if you need assistance, but it can cause an inconvenience when you have other responsibilities.

Who can order a marriage certificate in California?

To be able to obtain a marriage certificate, the marriage must have occurred in California, regardless of whether or not the couple currently live in the state. You can find marriage records through any county in the state, even if it is not the same state where you were married. Anybody can request a marriage certificate copy, but only the couple, their immediate family and officials permitted by law may obtain an authorized copy.

Types of California Marriage Licenses

A CA marriage license is permission for two individuals to wed in the state. Both parties participating in the marriage must be presence at the original issuance of the license for the form to be legitimized. After couples have completed the application for marriage registration, they have a maximum of 90 days to marry officially or else their primary marriage license will expire and they will have to apply for a new license. Marriage license records will have the signature of both parties as well as the officiant who conducted the ceremony.

There are two types of California marriage licenses a couple can register for upon getting married. First, couples can apply for a public marriage license, which is available on public county records after it has been filed. This type of marriage certificate is available for individuals who are at least 18 years of age and minors who have signed consent from a parent or legal guardian and a California Superior Court Judge. One to two witnesses must be present at the ceremony and are required to sign the license for it to be valid. Newlyweds can order a marriage certificate from this type of license after registration.

The second type of marriage license in California is the confidential marriage license. Minors cannot purchase a confidential marriage license under any circumstances, and this type of certificate is not available for search through public court records. Unlike a public marriage certificate, a witness signature is not required to officiate the document.

Note: California allows military members who are stationed overseas to obtain a marriage license with a partner who is currently in the United States through power of attorney (POA). In order to qualify for this stipulation, the Armed Forces member must be involved in battle or conflict, not stationed abroad for regular duty. To have a marriage certificate officiated, the couple must fill out a POA form that grants the attorney the power to bear witness to the ceremony and sign on behalf of the missing partner before the marriage takes place. The form can be obtained online through the State Registrar.

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