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In California, Medi-Cal is the state’s name for Medicaid insurance. What is Medicaid and why does the state use a different name? Medicaid health insurance is a federal program administered at a state level. General Medicaid information recognized national-wide includes mandatory benefits and some eligibility requirements. However, each state can set its parameters for services covered such as offering dental care to adults, hospice and other optional health services, which is the key difference between the basic federal health program and the implemented state program. Medi-Cal is a health insurance program that offers free or low-cost health care plans for adults and families with limited income and resources. People who may be eligible for California’s Medicaid program include adults with a low income, families with children, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, seniors, children who are currently in foster care and previous foster youths up to the 16 years of age.For many low-income individuals and families who qualify for Medi-Cal, there is no premium, co-pay or any out-of-pocket costs. For other families on Medicaid, there may be low, affordable costs associated with health services rendered.

Information about Medicaid that applicants should be aware of includes cost and coverage of health care services. The state offers different plans to cover the varying services needed by participants including dental, vision and the California Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). When petitioners apply for Medicaid coverage, the state will review applications to determine for which type of insurance they qualify. Applicants who may not be eligible for benefits may still receive services based on Medi-Cal waivers. Medicaid information does not pertain to plans with Covered California. The latter is California’s health insurance marketplace, where individuals and small businesses may purchase health care plans at a federally subsidized rate. If an applicant does not qualify for Medi-Cal, he or she may still be eligible for a health insurance plan through Covered California.

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Eligibility for Medicaid in California

If you want to know how to qualify for Medi-Cal, Medicaid in California, then you will need to understand about the requirements. Knowing what are the income requirements for Medi-Cal can be confusing, as the threshold varies depending on the size of the household. Medi-Cal eligibility requirements, however, are not exclusive to financial earnings since certain California residents may be entitled to benefits due to a personal factor. Learning about financial and personal eligibility before applying to Medicaid in California can save petitioners time and frustration. California is one of the states that expanded its Medicaid coverage to assist all residents with household incomes below a certain level. As of March 2017, Medicaid covered over 12 million people in the state of California, which is the largest total enrollment of any state. Read More

How to Apply for Medicaid in California

If you are wondering, “Where do you sign up for Medi-Cal?” then you have already reviewed the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. Knowing how to apply for Medi-Cal in California is beneficial for low-income applicants who need assistance with medical costs. Submitting the Medi-Cal application properly is key to obtaining affordable health care coverage in a timely manner. The Medi-Cal application form requires petitioners to furnish personal and financial information about their household to determine entitlement. Read More

Medicaid Costs and Coverage in California

Medi-Cal coverage in California is available for low-income households that need assistance covering the cost of health care services. How much does Medi-Cal cost California participants? Medi-Cal cost estimates are dependent on the household income of the enrollees. Medi-Cal covers many health care services for little to no cost to the beneficiary. However, petitioners should be aware of reoccurring monthly expenses and copays of services rendered. Some doctor visits may be complementary as part of the program, while other services may require the enrollee to pay a portion of the cost. It is important for participants to be aware of what services are covered by Medi-Cal and which are not before accumulating a hefty medical bill. Read More

Medi-Cal Dental Program

Denti-Cal is one of the services currently provided in the state of California as part of the Medi-Cal health insurance program. Denti-Cal Program beneficiaries will receive free or low-cost dental care. Denti-Cal services are available for eligible children and adults who reside in the state. The Denti-Cal eligibility requirements are the same as those for Medi-Cal and you can automatically enroll in Denti-Cal once you qualify for Medi-Cal. If your income is higher than the Medi-Cal limits for the size of your family, then you will be required to pay a certain amount of the cost for the month in which you have dental services. Read More

Medi-Cal Vision Care Program

Medi-Cal Vision is a part of California’s Medi-Cal health care insurance program. The Medi-Cal Vision Program provides eye health care benefits to those who are eligible and live in California. While Medi-Cal vision coverage is available for people who are eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal, certain enrollees will have more covered services than others will. Medi-Cal vision benefits eligibility is contingent on entitlement to the California Medicaid enrollment as well as age. Depending on the California county where you reside, the available Medi-Cal vision plans may go by different program names. Read More

Medi-Cal Waivers

Medi-Cal waivers are part of the California Medicaid health care insurance program for low-income households. The Medi-Cal or Medicaid waiver program is one way that the state of California can make significant amendments to its Medicaid program, which goes by Medi-Cal. The Medi-Cal waiver program provides supplemental services to individuals who may otherwise not meet the eligible requirements for Medicaid in California. Medi-Cal waiver services provide localized services to certain areas of California and provide health care coverage to persons. There are current Medi-Cal waivers as well as ones under development that may be available soon. Expired and withdrawn Medi-Cal waivers are those no longer accessible to interested candidates. Read More

CHIP In California

U.S. Congress established the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in 1997 to provide health care coverage to children who meet the eligibility requirements. CHIP and Medicaid enrollment eligibility is mainly dependent on the household income of applicants. In California, Medicaid for children is still available to households that earn more than the income threshold for standard Medicaid, but less than the state standards. Read More