California Department of Housing and Urban Development FAQs

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is part of the federal government. It is designed to provide sustainable communities and safe, affordable homes for everyone. Here are some of the most common questions asked about HUD and its different services.

    1. How can I buy a HUD home in California?

HUD homes are one to four unit residential accommodations that the agency acquires when a homeowner defaults on an FHA-insured mortgage. If you are interested in buying a HUD home in California, then you can visit the HUD Home Store website to find out where homes are for sale, what sizes are available and what the prices are. Anyone can buy a HUD home as long as they have the required cash or they qualify for a home buyer’s loan, however, there are some HUD properties offered to certain buyers sooner.

    1. What are the Officer Next Door and Teacher Next Door programs?

These programs have now been combined into the Neighbor Next Door Program. This service provides HUD homes at a special discount for people who work in certain professions. The qualifying professions include teachers from pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

    1. Can HUD help me finance my home?

If you wish to buy a HUD home but you do not have sufficient funds, HUD may be able to assist you by means of an FHA loan. This type of loan is designed for first-time homebuyers. FHA loans have a number of benefits including low-interest rates and assistance with closing fees.

    1. I would like to make some improvements to my home. Does HUD offer any loans or grants that could help me finance them?

If you visit the HUD website, you will find details about the different federal programs that are available for home improvement, such as a rehabilitation and repair home loan, property improvement loan, rehabilitation and repair loan, rural home improvement and repair loans and grants as well as HUD-approved lenders.

    1. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income. Can HUD help me find affordable accommodation or assisted living?

HUD provides California housing counseling services to residents of all ages and has a lot of information related to housing choices for senior citizens. If you contact your local housing counseling agency, the advisors there will explain your options and help you decided which is right for you.

    1. I am a veteran and wish to buy a home in California, should I get a conventional loan or a VA loan?

A VA loan may be a better option for you because Veteran Affairs guarantees a percentage of the loan, permitting the lender to offer you much more favorable terms.

    1. What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a home loan that allows you to convert a percentage of your home equity into cash. This equity can then be paid to you in monthly installments or as a line of credit.

    1. Will HUD buy my home from me?

HUD will not purchase your home from you. The agency only sells homes that they acquire through defaults on FHA-insured mortgages.

    1. Can I rent a home from HUD?

HUD does not actually provide any rental accommodation, but the agency does fund a number of rental assistance programs, such as Section 8 and public housing.

    1. I live in California and I have a Section 8 voucher, but I am moving to another city in the state. Can I take may voucher with me and use it there?

You may be able to take your voucher to use it in another city, providing you have a tenant-based award and you get in touch with you current public housing authority and the one in the city where you are moving to let them both know you of the relocation.

    1. How can I rent my home to a Section 8 tenant?

The best way is to get in touch with your local public housing authority, they will explain to you how you can rent to Section 8 tenants in your area of California. They will also tell you how the housing choice voucher system works.

    1. I am struggling to make my mortgage payments and I am worried I am going to lose my home. Can HUD help?

If you are struggling with your home loan payments, contact your local HUD approved housing counseling agency or call the Housing Counseling Hotline. Someone there will talk to you about your financial situation and give you some tips on how you can avoid foreclosure.

    1. I know someone who is homeless, can HUD offer any help?

HUD may be able to help in several ways. HUD offers a number of homeless assistance services that provide temporary shelter or permanent accommodations as well as information on food bank locations, health and safety services, employment and training advice and assistance for homeless veterans.

    1. While looking for accommodation in California, I feel that I have been unfairly discriminated against, what can I do?

The Fair Housing Act protects you from any type of discrimination. You should file a complaint online or call the Housing Discrimination Hotline. You have up to one year to make a discrimination complaint, but it is better to do it as soon as possible.

    1. I would like to find a way to give something back to my community. Does HUD have any suggestions?

There are many volunteer opportunities to help you give back to your community throughout the state of California. Look at local and national organizations to see what is available in your area.

    1. I have some concerns about some environmental issues in my community and how they may affect my home and family. Where can I find out more about this?

HUD offers useful information about environmental factors and your home including flood insurance, aquifers, air pollution, lead paint hazards and how to make and keep a healthy home.

What Housing Help Can I Get Through HUD?

California residents can receive various types of housing assistance, from federal housing aid to home loans and more. Additionally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development offers CA residents counseling services, which cover how to avoid foreclosure, how to buy a home and how to rent a living space, to name only a few topics. Find out everything you need to know about housing assistance programs in California by downloading our comprehensive HUD guide.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Housing Help in California?

In order to receive housing help from the state of California, you typically need to meet the income requirements of the specific assistance program you are applying for. These necessary qualifications often refer to the income of the household, based on the number of members. Find out if you and your household are eligible for housing assistance here.