7 Up-and-Coming Jobs to Consider in California

In recent years, California has become one of the most tech heavy states. While there are plenty of tech jobs available in California, it is not the only growing industry in the state. Every few years, the California Department of Labor works alongside the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine job growth and help identify which jobs are the fastest growing in California. The last study was performed in 2014, with the estimated projections viewing job growth for the next 10 years.Continue Reading

12 Best Colleges in California

California has more than 400 colleges, technical schools and training institutes. Choosing the best school in the state can be difficult. One of the first ways to choose a school is to decide what it is that you want out of a higher-education provider. Would you prefer a smaller, more intimate environment or do you thrive on the electricity of a larger campus? What sort of degree are you pursuing? These and other questions can shape your decision about a California school. Here is a listing Continue Reading

Best Public Elementary Schools in California

If you are a parent, then your primary concerns are likely to be keeping your children safe and ensuring that they have the best possible education to make their lives easier and more productive. The state of California has laws allowing you to transfer your children to different school districts under certain circumstances, such as when the current school’s testing results are too low. You may also find yourself needing to move and wanting to select a new home based on the reputation of the Continue Reading

College Majors That Pay the Best Professionally

Most high school seniors still list college as their next step, but selecting a major that will make their future lucrative can be difficult. Trying to project which majors will have lasting power and allow those working in the industry to make a good living can be a bit of a gamble. However, with many reporting agencies tracking the statistics, enough data exists these days that students who are wondering which majors will pay the most professionally are readily evident. Here is a list of Continue Reading

An Overview of California’s Cell Phone Laws

There are several important laws regarding cellphone use in California. The most important rules relate to cellphone use while driving. Under California law, drivers are responsible for knowing, understanding and complying with all of the rules and regulations regarding cellphones. While this may sound intimidating, the rules are very straightforward for the most part. Although they feel very familiar in everyday life, it is important to remember that in the eyes of lawmakers, cellphones are Continue Reading

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