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Quick Tips for Shopping on Food Stamps in California

The California Food Assistance Program, also known as SNAP or CalFresh, supports families and individuals in maintaining a nutritious diet during difficult financial periods. Although this program provides assistance to many residents, it can be difficult to determine the most effective way to use your benefits once you begin receiving assistance. To help you navigate the shopping process with your SNAP benefits, has compiled a list of easy-to-use tips for shopping with food assistance benefits.

  • Plan ahead to create meal plans and take advantage of sales
  • Research what food products qualify for SNAP
  • Compare unit prices to choose the most cost-effective items
  • Buy foods like beans, rice, and canned goods in bulk to save even more
  • Plan meals based on pantry basics you can easily keep on hand
  • Cook larger portions and store leftovers for easy meal prep
  • Learn more about nutritious meal options and purchases though SNAP-ED, the educational nutrition program offered by the USDA
  • Find out what restaurant options you qualify for
  • Plan potluck meals for holidays to reduce costs avoid overspending

California Section 8 Housing Information

Section 8 housing, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, can help you find affordable housing in your community. If you are eligible to participate in the program, you will receive vouchers to assist you in paying your monthly bills. Section 8 housing differs from public housing in that you will find a privately owned apartment, townhouse or house to rent, rather than moving into government-funded and -managed property. Many Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) in California face long waiting lists due to a lack of funding and housing opportunities. Because of those waiting lists, it is of vital importance that you apply for assistance as early as you can if you need it. The more quickly you submit a completed application, the earlier you might be able to access that necessary housing assistance.

7 Tips for Applying for Unemployment Assistance in California

Applying for unemployment benefits can be stressful. has made applying much less challenging by compiling these seven easy tips to help you navigate the process:
Apply immediately to avoid any delays in receiving benefits
Make sure you have a voided check on hand for verification if you choose to receive benefits through direct deposit
Only include jobs you were let go from on your application because you cannot receive benefits for time unemployed after voluntarily leaving a position.
Plan to complete your application when you can devote the required time and make sure you have all the necessary documents.
Log all the details of your job search into CalJobs in order to qualify for continued benefits.
Make sure that you have your updated resume on hand when applying to CalJOBS.
Reapply for benefits once every two weeks to avoid any disruption to your benefits receipt.